A man with an intellectual disability was allegedly hit, shoved by a care center worker on SI

STATEN ISLAND, NY – A man with a developmental disability was assaulted by an employee at a care facility in Grasmere, authorities say.

The incident happened around 6:30 p.m. Feb. 26 at a residential facility in A Very Special Place, according to the criminal complaint and police.

The accused is no longer employed by A Very Special Place, according to Jacqueline Scarcella, the agency’s executive director.

Darryl Phillips, 37, of Leyden Avenue in Mariners Harbour, was a carer at the residential facility when he ‘acted with intent to cause physical harm’ by punching a disabled man, 60, in the right eye and by pushing the victim into a wall, according to the complaint.

The victim suffered significant bruising, swelling, redness and pain in the eye, according to the complaint.

The 60-year-old, who refused to receive medical treatment at the scene, also suffered from symptoms including bruising and significant pain in his shoulder, middle and upper back.

The complaint alleges “that [the] the defendant is the caregiver of [the victim] at said location, a care facility for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and that [the victim] is unable to take care of himself because of [a] physical and mental disability or defect”.

Phillips was arrested nearly a month later on March 23.

He was charged with endangering the welfare of an incompetent/disabled person, endangering a vulnerable elderly/incapable/disabled person, assault and harassment.

The Justice Center for Special Needs Protection and the NYPD are still investigating the incident after being notified by A Very Special Place. The agency followed all of its policies regarding the incident, Scarcella said.

A temporary restraining order was issued against the victim.

The accused was released under supervision and must return to the criminal court on May 2, according to public records.

“Mr. Phillips has pleaded not guilty in this case and will fight these charges,” his attorney, Sharon Maquita Moody, said.