A small pet daycare a big step for love – Opinion

Two dogs wait for treatment at Guanshang Veterinary Hospital in Beijing in November. WANG JING/CHINA DAILY

A special pet care center in Shenzhen has been widely applauded. To help people in quarantine take care of their pets, Shenzhen, the technology hub of Guangdong province, recently opened the country’s first pet care center to take care of their pets when their masters are not at home.

Such a small pet care center is actually a big leap for love, showing that city officials care about the diverse needs of ordinary residents during epidemics.

Due to the high infection rate of Omicron variants of COVID-19, many provinces and cities are adopting strict measures to control outbreaks. Many people have been quarantined, leaving their pets unattended.

Most pet owners, after all, consider their pets to be members of their family. Thus, a simple and brutal way of dealing with unsupervised pets, despite some rare and extreme cases, will not only hurt their masters, but also cause misunderstandings among people.

According to the 2021 “white paper” on the pet industry, published by the China Animal Agricultural Association, there are more than 112 million pet dogs and cats in China. This means that on average eight out of 100 Chinese have a pet, mainly a dog or a cat. Therefore, small pets are important to many families, which is no longer an easy task for a big city.

As well as being an emotional attachment, pets are also a private good that local authorities need to take more seriously. Caring for pets will show the authorities respect for both life and private property.

Shenzhen has set a good example in this regard, with local authorities offering to take care of pets while their owners are in quarantine. The newly established pet care facility complies with coronavirus control guidelines more accurately and cost effectively.

The widespread praise for the small pet center in Shenzhen reflects people’s strong desire to house their pets well when they are in quarantine, which should not be ignored. Although the care center can only accommodate a maximum of 300 pets, it is definitely a good start.

The author is a China Daily writer.