Expansion of Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center Proves Beneficial

FAIRMONT, Minn. (KEYC) – The project was $24 million and the new building is 85,000 square feet.

It has 72 private rooms, a coffee shop, gift shop, and social rooms among its amenities at its Fairmont location.

This expansion has been in the works for five to six years.

Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center officials say they’ve heard nothing but great reviews since moving into the new building.

“Let us know which view they would prefer, so they are part of the process all the time. The dining room is close and intimate, the social areas are close and intimate, the bedrooms are not all in a straight hallway. There are all the houses out front, so it feels like home,” said Deb Barnes, administrator of Lakeview Methodist Health Center.

The addition includes the Building Blocks, a new daycare center.

It will eventually be in an expanded location, but that part of the project has been put on hold due to funding.

“Already $1.2 million and this should have completed the new Building Blocks space as it was the last part of the project and due to price increases with COVID. We haven’t been able to complete this yet, we are still fundraising for another $800,000,” Barnes explained.

The new space, when completed, will accommodate 123 children, while the current space accommodates approximately 55.

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