Officials support free health care for all Nigerian children bill

The House of Representatives on Wednesday expressed overwhelming support for the bill that aims to provide free health services to Nigerian children across the country.

Lawmakers expressed their support during the debate on the bill sponsored by the Hon. Bello Kaoje, who explained that the services will be provided by public hospitals in Nigeria.

According to him, free health services will include: diagnostics, treatment, prevention of disease and other physical and mental impairments in children in Nigeria.

He added that the free health services will cover referral cases of children from other states, local public hospitals or any other private hospital in Nigeria.

In his main debate, the Honorable Kaoje observed that “the health needs of children are very different from those of adults.

“By nature, children grow and develop at a rapid rate, which puts them at particular risk of being affected by disease and injury.

“If health problems are not identified and treated, they can affect a child’s cognitive, physical, behavioral and emotional development.

“With the Federal Government’s Health Care Initiative, Save a Million Lives (SOML), it is very important to provide free medical services to children in Nigeria. “

According to him, the Free Child Health Services in Nigeria Bill, when passed, will ensure that all health services provided to children in Nigeria will be free. This will give the following unique and immediate benefits.

With the aim of ensuring the effective implementation and monitoring of the bill, he revealed that “the Federal Ministry of Health will establish specific procedures and guidelines, as well as monitor and implement the provisions of this Act, coordinate the provision of free health services to children in Nigeria. and ensuring transparency and accountability in the provision of free health services to children in Nigeria.

In rendering his ruling, the Speaker, the Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila referred the bill to the Health Services Committee for further legislative action.


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