Residents at ‘risk of harm’ as Gloucestershire nursing home deemed ‘inadequate’

A Gloucestershire care home was classified as ‘inadequate’ after a recent inspection, which found residents to be ‘at risk of harm’.

Stinchcombe Manor in Dursley received the lowest rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following an inspection in July.

The report said the care home was deemed inadequate in terms of “safety” and “well-run,” citing issues with risk assessments, Covid-19 regulations and drug handling.

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Stinchcombe Manor called the rating “disappointing” but confirmed that they had made “continuous improvements” since the inspection.

The summary of the inspection reads: “People did not receive safe service because risks to them had not always been safely managed and monitored. Accidents and incidents encountered by people have not been systematically reviewed to ensure that any new or increasing risk to them has been identified and dealt with in a timely manner to protect them from further harm.

“As a result, people had not always benefited from the advice and support provided by external health and social service professionals to ensure that their needs were met in a safe and effective manner.

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“Risk assessments and people’s support plans did not always contain important advice for staff on how to support them safely. This meant that people were at risk of harm as they did not always receive the support they needed to keep them safe.

“While the vendor worked to improve the systems in place to monitor and improve service for people, the gaps we found at the service level were not identified by their systems. The supplier had not identified that its security incident monitoring system was not effective.

“The registered manager had not always followed the processes and guidelines in place to protect people from the risks of COVID-19.

“The registered manager and supplier did not notify CQC and other agencies of the incidents as required.

“When areas for improvement had been identified by the supplier, effective and timely steps to manage risk and improve service had not always been taken. “

Despite the overall rating of “inadequate”, the care home was rated “good” in the categories of efficient, caring and responsive.

At the time of the inspection, Stinchcombe Manor was providing care to 22 elderly people with dementia and other mental health issues.

What the nursing home said

In response to the inspection, Jamie Hughes, one of the directors of Stinchcombe Manor, said: “We were very disappointed to receive the rating we were awarded as a result of the recent CQC inspection, we have continuously improved service in the past. two years, which is not reflected in the report, however, we do recognize that there were some areas that we did not maintain at a sufficiently good level. This was contributed to the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensuring the safety of residents in the home, which is reflected in the fact that our COVID-19 cases are zero throughout the 18 months of the pandemic.

“We disputed much of the draft report due to factual inaccuracies and misinterpretation of the information provided to the inspectors. Some of these inaccuracies have been corrected and amended, however, some are still present in the report that was released and unfortunately this can only be challenged once, before the report is released.

“The vast majority of concerns that were raised arose from issues of documentation and registration rather than care and support provided at the care home and, as a period of two months elapsed between the end of the The inspection and the report having been published, the majority of the problems have already been addressed and rectified.

“We have had several meetings with the local funding authorities we work with, as well as with the CQC, regarding the points raised in the report. The most recent of these meetings took place 2 weeks ago, this meeting was concluded with the three representatives from the local funding authorities stating that they currently have no concerns regarding the service that is being provided at Stinchcombe Manor, no CQC representative attended this meeting and therefore could not comment on the positive response we have given since the inspection in July.

“If anyone has any concerns regarding a friend or relative who resides within the service, please do not hesitate to contact us for any information or discussion.”

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