Russell Medical Wound Care Center and Phillips Honored Again | national news

Good medical care is often associated with large medical centers and metropolitan areas.

But great medical professionals are everywhere, including in Alexander City.

Dr. Regina Phillips and her team at Russell Medical Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine were once again honored by Healogics with its sixth Center of Distinction Award and Phillips was honored with the President’s Circle. Phillips was one of five Healogics physicians at more than 600 wound care centers across the country.

“I was surprised and touched,” Phillips said. “A person does not win this award. We are a team practice. Without the team, I couldn’t shine. We need every person in this building to do the things we do.

Phillips and his team are noticed by patients across the Southeast. Frank Talbot is from southern Troy and had problems with an infected foot.

“I drove a nail in my foot in August 2020,” Talbot said. “He stayed infected all last year. We went through doctor after doctor and went through two wound care centers in southern Alabama.

Talbot already had a relationship with Dr. Karen Mockler. She was at Enterprise before she came to Russell Medical. Talbot was still seeing Mockler and visiting him in January when she referred Talbot to Phillips.

“I saw Dr. Phillips at the end of January,” Talbot said. “My foot was so infected that she immediately sent me to the hospital and stayed there for four days to receive antibiotics.”

But that was just the start of a new journey to save Talbot’s foot.

Phillips made sure Talbot was up to the task.

“She told me that day that she could save my toes and my foot and they would work and it would be fine,” Talbot said. “But I had to help. She was direct with me. She put everything on the table, as it was and the things I needed to do. She didn’t, my foot was a mess.

He had dug a tunnel up to my toe.

Phillips asked Talbot to visit his cardiologist in Birmingham to make sure his heart was up to the task. Talbot also had to start getting his diabetes under control.

Talbot listened. After all, he was about to lose his footing. The plan came to fruition. Ten weeks of daily treatment in the hyperbaric chamber and frequent visits to Phillips.

Talbot knew a little about wound care centers. He had gone to two before, but Talbot noticed a difference in treatment at Russell Medical Wound Care Center early on.

“The others were unleashing it there, but they weren’t getting into the thick of it,” Talbot said. “The first time [Dr. Phillips] unbridled, I thought she cut off half of my foot, because of the amount of blood I saw. I thought she was really working on me. She pulled that mess out of there and we started to heal from the inside.

Talbot said God was watching over him throughout the process. It was a “plan of God” that had been in the making for years. Talbot was going to temporarily relocate to Alexander City to avoid the daily two-hour commute to and from southern Alabama. He was ready to rent a condo when an old friend came to help him.

“I wasn’t going to take any chances,” Talbot said. “I was going to be here.”

Talbot was friends with Steve Pemberton. It was a friendship that began during a Walk to Emmaus many years ago at Camp Alamisco. Pemberton would learn of Talbot’s unexpected stay at Alexander City. Pemberton would offer his home on the Tallapoosa River just four miles from Phillips and his staff.

“It was a God thing, it fell into place,” Talbot said. “God took care of us. He was the one who sent me here to begin with.

Talbot has now nearly completed his 10 weeks at the Russell Medical Wound Care Center. It’s a place that many of his friends in southern Alabama first questioned.

“They wouldn’t think anything of it if I went to Birmingham,” Talbot said. “They thought it was like I was going to Elba to heal my heart, but that’s where the best are.”

Talbot said his medical journey took him and his family to many of the state’s top medical institutions, but believed in Phillips and his team.

“It’s one of the most professional outfits I’ve ever seen in my life,” Talbot said. “Dr. Phillips is wonderful. I have complete confidence that she knows 100% that she knows what she is doing. She has the best staff I have ever seen.

Through heart stents, surgeries and more, Talbot has seen more than just doctors. Talbot understands the importance of the team in medical care.

“I have nothing but praise for this outfit,” Talbot said. “They are very talented and very compassionate. She has the best RN’s around. The reception is great. It’s not a big, fancy building like some medical centers, but they know what they’re doing.

Phillips understands that she doesn’t treat patients alone and wants her staff to treat everyone like family.

“I’m blessed, very lucky to have this team,” Phillips said. “If you treat people well and provide great treatment, people want to be there because they’re taken care of.

“We are a wound care centre, so we take care of wounds, but we also take care of people.

Sometimes this involves caring for wives, husbands, daughters and caregivers.