Shocking report details failures of struggling Paisley care home

Shocking details have emerged in a damning report about a struggling Paisley care home set to lose its licence.

A full Care Inspectorate report has now been published on Westerfield Care Home, which has been warned it could lose its registration after ‘serious concerns’ were raised by inspectors.

Residents left with poor hygiene, dirty rooms and staff not wearing the correct PPE are just some of the issues noted in the report, resulting in both an improvement notice and of a letter of serious concern following a surprise inspection. last month.

The Express previously revealed that owners Handsale Care Ltd had been given until May 6 to clean the house – which is caring for 63 residents from across Renfrewshire.

The inspectors’ detailed report now shows the full extent of the problems – which have been classified as “serious”.

Inspectors raised concerns with management over the appearance of residents due to the number of people in the house who “appeared not to have had their hair washed or brushed, some with long fingernails and food-stained clothes”.

The report also said records within the home showed staff were not washing or bathing residents as regularly as they should have been.

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In other hygiene issues, inspectors have slammed the care home for failing to uphold the dignity of residents after it emerged staff were using a ‘totally unacceptable’ practice when using bath towels. incontinence.

The report reads: “…the service used absorbent pads on all communal chairs to reduce the impact of poor continence management.

“This practice is completely unacceptable as it has the potential to undermine the dignity of individuals.

Staff were also found leaving soiled towels in residents’ rooms instead of disposing of them properly, leading to bad smells in rooms – which inspectors also said was a ‘risk to someone’s dignity’ “.

Another issue raised was that staff were not turning people in bed enough to prevent pressure sores.

The report adds: ‘The service had plans in place to help people switch jobs to reduce the risk of this happening.

“We found that the time intervals between staff helping someone turn were, at times, considerably longer than the times specified on the graphs.

“There was no evidence that the reasons for this had been explored. It could have negative consequences for the integrity of someone’s skin.

Infection control issues have also been raised, with the home rated as ‘poor’ for its response during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Staff were fully trained and had adequate access to PPE at a number of points in the establishment, however, inspectors noted that staff did not consistently apply the practice and on more than one occasion were spotted without the proper PPE.

The report said management had been asked to address this issue during a previous inspection in February 2021 and had not taken action to resolve it.

Westerfield’s leadership and management were called a “significant weakness” which the report said led to a number of issues highlighted in the report.

He said that while “some strengths were identified…they were offset by significant areas of weakness that affected people’s experiences and outcomes.”

Inspectors say: “A number of concerns were raised during the inspection, including personal appearance of individuals, cleanliness of rooms, lack of activities, tracking of accidents and incidents, recruitment practices .

“These are all issues that indicate that day-to-day management oversight within the home has significant weaknesses. Many of the concerns raised during this inspection were raised in a letter of serious concern last February. Although a short-term improvement was assessed as having taken place during the follow-up inspection in March 2021, the findings of this inspection demonstrate that the improvements have not been sustainable.

Company bosses have previously said the unprecedented two years of the Covid-19 pandemic have brought “unique stresses”, but made no apologies for the setbacks.

A Care Manager from Handsale Care Ltd said: ‘Unfortunately, following a recent inspection by the Care Inspectorate, areas needing improvement have been identified and an Improvement Notice has been issued.

“The safety of our residents is paramount to us, but this time around we have not lived up to the high expectations we set for ourselves.

“We apologize to the residents and the families of those in our care.

“The past two years have been unprecedented times for the adult care industry, and while we offer no excuses, we have faced unique constraints and an extremely difficult climate. We will do everything our best efforts to quickly and meaningfully remedy any shortcomings identified during the inspection.

“During this period, we will ensure the safety and wellbeing of our residents as we seek to resolve any issues as quickly as possible, working closely with the Care Inspectorate and our partners at Renfrewshire Health and Social Care. Partnership to ensure relevant improvements are made quickly and efficiently.

Handsale Care Ltd would not comment further on the matter when contacted by the Express.

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