Tadworth care home launches on-site pub for residents

Residents named the pub The Rising Sun

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Residents and staff at a care home in Tadworth, Surrey recently took advantage of the opening of a new on-site pub, providing residents with an authentic pub setting in which to socialize.

Tadworth Grove Bupa Care Home created The Rising Sun pub, using an old dining room to create a space where residents can mingle, participate in activities such as pub quizzes, and enjoy food and drink.

Located next to the house, the pub is accessible only to staff and residents and has a well-stocked bar, offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including teas and coffees, as well as a piano, radio and a television for entertainment.

To celebrate the opening of the pub, the house will host activities every Thursday afternoon and residents will now be able to enjoy pub quizzes and bingo while refreshing themselves with a range of buffet-style drinks and food.

Residents can enjoy the piano, radio and television for entertainment

One resident, Roy Webb, was particularly excited about the new pub. He said: “I used to visit my local pub on a regular basis and enjoy the brilliant combination of beer and bingo, and that’s something I missed a lot. Now that the pub is officially open, I can enjoy my favorite activity again.

“I haven’t tasted a beer in an authentic pub environment in a long time, so that first sip of beer at the Rising Sun brought back memories of yesteryear and made me smile.”

Residents Barbara Booker and Joan White also expressed how happy they were that everyone could once again come together and mingle in a new environment.


Barbara said: “Being able to socialize and chat is so important and doing it in a pub is that much more fun.”

Joan added: “Going to the Rising Sun feels like a proper outing and a new adventure – I can’t wait to laugh with all my friends and find myself properly over a drink every week without having to worry about traveling far. to get back home. “

The name ‘The Rising Sun’ was specially chosen by locals at a meeting and is indicative of a fresh start and a return to normalcy after a difficult year.

Tadworth Grove Home Manager Soonita Shaw said: “With the space unused for the past four years, the entire Tadworth Grove care staff team was delighted that The Rising Sun officially opened. .

“We were overwhelmed with the standard to which it had been renovated and are so happy that the residents love the atmosphere of a pub.”

Tadworth Grove Bupa Care Home is located in Surrey and welcomes residents in need of nursing or residential care, including those living with Parkinson’s disease. For more information, please visit https://www.bupa.co.uk/care-services

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