Vacant Residential Care Center in Southside Paducah to Be Demolished, Making Way for ViWinTech Expansion | News

PADUCAH – From an eyesore to job opportunities: This is how Paducah city leaders are describing the development project to replace a former residential care center on Irvin Cobb Drive.

ViWinTech Windows and Doors purchased the property last month. They partner with the city for the demolition process.

Next, they plan to expand their business on this property, creating more jobs in the Paducah market.

The building has been an eyesore since 2007. Fifteen years of deterioration feels good. It’s a problem the city has been trying to get rid of for a while. This partnership has given them the help they need.


Weeds are tall outside the vacant residential care center. The boarded up windows don’t help its appearance. But Paducah Mayor George Bray says it was necessary.

“The city had to make sure the building was secure so homeless people and other people wouldn’t take advantage of the structure,” Bray says.

Over the years, it has become a scourge for the city. “Everyone who lives on that side of town wants it torn down. And so it’s really become this symbol over time for the Southside, a negative symbol,” says Bray.

This demolition took years to prepare.

The partnership with ViWinTech has given the city the capital to make it happen.


“The city can’t do everything on its own, so we have to have partners, whether it’s for residential or commercial development,” Bray explains.

And that helps another problem in the city: the labor market.

“Job growth – and good job growth – and so there are opportunities for people to work there and start a career and build a future with a successful growing business,” Bray says.

Bray says the end goal of this project is “to help the city, to help the Southside, and to help the town of Paducah.”


Other projects, such as the Dunlap project, are also in the works for the Southside.

Bray hopes the renovation of the Jetton School, as well as the demolition and reconstruction, will boost this part of town.

ViWinTech President Evan Rittgers said the exact plans for the future are unclear. They are working with the city to get a timeline and layout for the project.

ViWinTech hopes to build an additional manufacturing plant to add more office space once the land is cleared.