Valley Health Sells Former Warren Memorial, Lynn Care Center | Nvdaily

Valley Health sold the old Warren Memorial Hospital and Lynn Care Center to Hill Valley Healthcare.

The nursing home business and main campus of Warren Hospital sold for $ 24 million, said Valley Health president and CEO Mark Nantz.

The transaction is expected to be finalized by January 31.

“We are very excited,” Nantz said. “We found an expert company in the field of nursing home management. “

The other buildings on the site, including the former Front Royal Family Practice, will still be owned by Valley Health, he said.

The old hospital has been empty since Valley Health opened a new hospital at 351 Valley Health Way in June.

During the transition, Lynn Care will continue to operate 120 campus beds at 1000 N. Shenandoah Ave. at Front Royal, helping patients with post-hospital rehabilitation and nursing services.

“There will be no disruption in service,” Nantz said.

In the meantime, Nantz said, Valley Health will accept new patients and hire staff for the facility.

Nantz said Valley Health has strategically approached stakeholders who have a common culture and interest in treating patients through rehabilitation and nursing services.

With the money from the sale, Valley Health intends to invest in improving its information technology across the healthcare system and continuing its digital strategy, Nantz said.

The money will go into Valley Health’s investment funds until they spend it, he said.

Hill Valley specializes in skilled nursing, rehabilitation and long-term care, Valley Health said in a press release on Tuesday. The company owns and operates facilities throughout the state, including Evergreen Health & Rehab in Winchester.

At Front Royal and Warren County, there continues to be a need for “comprehensive skilled nursing, rehabilitation and long-term care,” the Valley Health statement said.

The strategic realignment of the former hospital site follows an in-depth analysis that identified the growing elderly population and the options needed to treat residents in the area.

“When Valley Health opened our new hospital campus in June of this year, our goal was to reallocate the old campus in a manner consistent with our mission to serve our community by improving health,” Nantz said in the statement.

Hill Valley has a ‘People First’ philosophy and culture, which aligns closely with Valley Health and ensures that they will be actively engaged community partners, “he said in the statement.” We are excited about the opportunities this will create for families and seniors, and welcome Hill Valley to Front Royal. ”

The old Warren Memorial, measuring 124,000 square feet, served Warren County and surrounding areas from 1950 to 2021. The current establishment of the Lynn Care Center, measuring 69,000 square feet, has was built in 2002, but the center has served older people in the region in the long term. care since the late 1970s.

“We thank the Valley Health team for partnering with us throughout this process,” said Shimmy Idels, co-CEO of Hill Valley Healthcare, in the statement. “It was a pleasure to work with them. We are committed to building on Valley Health’s mission and Lynn Care’s tradition of being leaders in post-acute care and serving the community to the best of our ability.

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