Ware nursing home grants 91-year-old man’s wish to return to the pool

Colin Draper, 91, enjoyed being back in the pool.

Submitted by WPR agency

A 91-year-old former water polo player from Ware, Hertfordshire, was overjoyed when a care home helped grant his wish.

Colin Draper, a resident of Care UK’s Snowdrop House on Baldock Street, couldn’t believe it when the team arranged for him to go swimming again – something he never thought he could do .

In his younger years, Colin had a huge love for swimming and played water polo for many years. When the Snowdrop House team asked if Colin would like to add anything to the house’s ‘Wishing Tree’, an initiative launched by Care UK which allows residents to suggest ideas for new hobbies they would like to try, places they would like to visit and activities they would like to do, Colin knew right away that his wish was to return to the pool.

With the help of nearby Hanbury Manor, the team quickly got to work arranging a private swim session for Colin, who rightfully requested to wear his speedos for the big day.

Colin said: “When the team told me they had arranged for me to go swimming I couldn’t believe they had pulled it off. No one would believe a man of almost 91 was going to new to the pool. It was amazing.”

Clare Crow, house manager at Snowdrop House, said: “When Colin wished to go swimming again, we knew it was something we just had to surprise him with.

“Here at Snowdrop House, we love helping residents achieve lifelong wishes in their next chapter. We encourage everyone to dream, big or small, and let us know what they want to achieve.

“It could be anything from a visit to the beach to an encounter with an unusual animal, or even asking their favorite singer for a message – and we do our best to make that happen.

“It was incredibly moving to see Colin back in his happy place – the huge smile on his face said it all, and it’s a memory I’m sure we’ll all cherish for many years to come.”

The Wishing Tree initiative sees Care UK homes across the country go above and beyond to help residents lead fulfilling lives. These wishes can be big or small, with previously granted wishes including visiting the Vatican to meet the Pope, visiting penguins at the retirement home and even a resident ready to jump out of a plane later this month. .

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